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Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine(

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Title of Journal Abbreviated: GJPLM
Published by: Unified Citation Journals
Periodicity: Six volume per year

Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine (GJPLM) is an international, peer-reviewed, scholarly and scientific journals that serve a one-stop guide for pathology and laboratory medicine and its related topics and discussions.

Pathology is the study of disease and its behavior, especially the branch of medicine that deals with the laboratory examination of the ligaments or body tissues for forensic and diagnostic purposes, and experts working in the field of Pathology are called Pathologists.

The medical or clinical Laboratory is a Laboratory where specimens of tissues, body fluids, ligaments, etc. are examined to gain information about treatment, cure, and prevention of the diseases.

The Unified Citation Journals aims to provide the platform for the Pathologists, students, academicians, researchers, clinicians, laboratory medicine professionals and to promote the research, advancement, and improvements in the field. GJPLM covers the broad range of topics including Clinical pathology, Endocrine pathology, Laboratory investigation, Digital Pathology, Laboratory trails on a clinical specimen, Gastrointestinal and liver pathology, Histopathology, Laboratory Medicine, Immunopathology, Cytopathology, etc.

The mission of the Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine is to provide a bridge for the Pathologists, doctors, nurses, research assistants, local community practitioners, manufacturers, and students of various universities and general communities in the developed world to those in developing countries.

Why to publish in GJPLM:

GJPLM welcomes all types of articles, such as research, case studies, and reports, research, reviews, editorials, short communications, conference proceedings, etc.

The Unified Citation Journals encourages the ever-growing medical community for documentation to ensure data can be recorded and provided on to the aspiring researchers, practitioners in the field. Global Journal of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine accepts submissions from Pathology and Laboratory medicine students, Practitioners, experts who are looking to explore in their area.

Unified Citation Journals aims to provide an all-around 24/7 access to the scientific data freely for all our readers across the planet and will guarantee scientific community high data availability in most updated digital formats.

Unified Citation Journals publishes manuscripts including but not limited to following topics:

Cancer research Cardiovascular, Respiratory Health and
Metabolic Disease
Neuroscience and Mental Health Infection and Immunity
Environmental Pathology Research in Education
Bariatric Surgery Neonatal Medicine
Immunotherapy Lab Medicine Advances
Personalized Medicine Therapeutic Pathology
Science Breakthroughs Anatomic Pathology
Microbiology Molecular Pathology
Clinical & Experimental Pathology Bioenergetics
Medical Histology Molecular medicine
Physiology of Human Microscopic anatomy
Chromogen  Cytology

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Role of sterol regulatory element binding protein 1a and fatty acid synthase in colorectal carcinoma

Role of sterol regulatory element binding protein 1a and fatty acid synthase in colorectal carcinoma

Role of sterol regulatory element binding protein 1a and fatty acid synthase in colorectal carcinoma

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